Bitcoin’s course reached a two-month maximum, rising above $ 41 thousand.


At night, the bulls managed to break through the strong resistance level and stabilize the Bitcoin rate in the area of $ 41 thousand, which is the highest rate since mid-May.

During the jump, the price of the first cryptocurrency briefly touched the mark of $ 42440, after which the controlled correction began. Rollback turned out to be insignificant, which made it possible to strengthen their positions on the wave of the long-awaited rally. Much indicates that the two-month consolidation ended in a positive key. The chart is over a 50-day moving average, which is now exceeding $ 34.8 thousand.

At the time of publication, BTC is traded at $ 41620 with a daily increase of 7.5%. Over the past week, Bitcoin rose by 17.56%, which is the best result in the last three months.

Opinions of experts on factors such a sharp jump divided. Some consider the wave of liquidation of futures against the backdrop of reduced liquidity, others talk about growing interest from Asian investors looking for new hedging tools after the recent sale of shares.

Bank of America analyst argues that in anticipation of the increase in the Fed interest rate, investors in the bond market can already conduct preventive measures and partially use Bitcoin to diversify risks.

According to the head of the ICB Investment Department of the ICB Fund Aaron Khomsky, the technically current increase is stacked in the pre-formation of a wave with a three-wave, followed by a new descending

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