Bitcoin’s course moves up on technical indicators, despite the negative news background


On Tuesday, Bitcoin is consolidated near $ 35,000, confirming the short-term positive scenario.

From a technical point of view, the price has fixed the formation above reminding an inverted head form, which opens the path to the marks above $ 39,000 in the coming days, if the rise will continue to have the current dynamism. The latest data of Glassnode pointed to the stabilization of the outflow of coins from the miners wallets to the accounts of the stock exchange and OTC platforms. The combination of record capitulations of BTC holders (- $ 3.45 billion) last week in a set with the holding of a psychologically important mark of $ 30,000 talking about local sales redundancy. The lack of an emotional reaction to new evidence of the restriction of the businesses of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges indicates the lack of an emotional reaction.

We sounded at the weekend British warning to the Binance about the inadmissibility of advertising for citizens of the country, many were perceived as a positive factor, since they did not touch directly the digital assets themselves. But this is still a single eye. Between the rows, it was understood that the leading Bitcoin-Stock Exchange would have to do «homework» and eliminate the residents of the UK from among their customers.

Probably, such signals in the future will take a coordinated nature, having remembered the similar claims of Canada regulators, Japan and rumors about the investigation of CFTC. For the time being, the British, who, by the way, can still open accounts on Binance, lost the opportunity to replenish and withdraw funds to this stock exchange with the help of the popular Faster Payments payment system. It is necessary to put up with the folding business and the Chinese sites — OK Coin closed headquarters in China, and Huobi eliminated derivatives trading for Chinese residents (Spot is still available to them).

The continuation of Salvador theme is also in question. Sympathetic Bitcoin Mexican billionaire, owner of Banco Azteca, the third bank in the country, Ricardo Salinas Slaire, who was announced on the eve of the readiness to take the first cryptocolut, received a sharp negative reward from

Despite the saving skepticism, there are those who believe in the inevitable completion of the current difficult stage. So, analysts Jefferies expressed confidence that regulation in the United States will not repeat the path of China, and the supporter of Bitcoin and the Katie Wood technological sector through the Ark Invest company, together with the 21Shares, submitted an application for the launch of Bitcoin-ETF. Positive news now clearly do not interfere.

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