Bitcoin’s capitalization reached 10% of the gold market


As a result of a recent jump, the market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeded $ 1 trillion, which is about 10% of the value of the total gold.

Currently, the gold market is estimated at $ 10-11 trillion. Yesterday, the BTC rate set a new historical maximum, rising to $ 58220 (100% from the beginning of 2021). During this period, its capitalization exceeded $ 1.1 trillion.

Despite the above correction, at the time of publication the price of Bitcoin varies in the range of $ 54-55 thousand, and the cost of the market is still exceeding $ 1 trillion.

Positive dynamics and growth in recognition attracts more investors who buy cryptocurrency as an inflation tool. In addition to diversifying risks, they are well earned at this.

For example, according to Wedbush Securities analytics, January

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