Bitcoin whales increased their 14,000 BTC reserves for the last 25 days


According to Santiment, over the past 25 days, China has accumulated about 90 thousand bitcoins worth $ 367 million in their wallets.

The company’s researchers analyzed the addresses of cryptomethillioners, which are stored from 100 to 10,000 BTC. Currently, this is the largest segment, since 9.11 million bitcoins or 48.7% of all mined coins are concentrated. This is the highest indicator for the last 7 weeks, which is just a few percent below the historical maximum.

During the period

Neurizuctural investors also increase their influence on the market. Currently on wallets in which no more than 1 BTC are stored, there are about 5% of the total reserve of coins. From the period of the Cryptobum of the end of 2017, this figure doubled.

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