Bitcoin keeps the course to $ 37,000 again, since the cryptomic was not frightened by pressure regulators


The cryptocurrency market re-cope with the consequences of repression

In the medium term, while everything looks disappointing and fit to agree with JPMorgan analysts, which will affect the decline in Bitcoin to $ 20,000 — on Stakela 2018. WSJ recognized the return of «cryptosims».

Quite a correct comparison if you appeal to the schedule

At the weekend, the journalist Willy Wu noted the lack of prerequisites for the rapid restoration of the volume of computing power, which was always a sign of return prices for an ascending trajectory. At the output interval between blocks in Bitcoin blockchain reached the maximum for 11 years — 23 minutes instead of the laid ten. It brightly reflects the current network «health» of the first cryptocurrency.

However, technical analysis works. On Monday, digital gold is traded at $ 34,000. They did not scare the market and comments from the head of the FRB Boston Eric Rosengren against Tether. What speaks of a possible «crusade» against the main stelkino, on which a lot in the digital assets market is based on.

Investors also «digest» recommendations of the financial authorities of the Canadian province of Ontario and the United Kingdom on the ban on the provision of binance services at the cryptocurrency market of residents, which became another unified chain link. We are waiting for a BTC course more than $ 37,000, but with a loaf to Friday report on the American labor market. It will affect the entire attitude of investors to risk.

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