Bitcoin dangerously balances, being on the verge of return to $ 30,000


Before the weekend, Bitcoin continues to be dangerously balancing near $ 33,000, while on the verge of return to $ 30,000 and at the same time, while maintaining the chances of the exit above local maxima, which will lead to the elimination of short positions and again aims for the first cryptocurrency on achieving the upper limit of consolidation from the beginning of May in range $ 30,000 — 40 000.

The market’s emotionality index calculated by the Santiment service continues to indicate a decline in moods under the tag buy_. Based on market mechanics, this is a certificate of growth of chances of lifting quotations that will strengthen a good trigger. It is important to keep support.

Moods remain restrained, because in focus again regulators. The market did not have time to move away from the statements of the Chinese Central Bank about the threats of Bitcoin and Stelkokinov for the financial system, as had to switch to the pressure of the European and American authorities. In the European Union, they plan to create a new supramitic «anti-beam»

In the US, the opponent Bitcoin, Senator Elizabeth Warren demanded that July 28 to provide a report from SEC in relation to the existing investor protection levers in the cryptocurrency market and plans for legislators regarding the clarification of the relevant regulatory framework. Clouds are condensed and over Binance — Following Barclays, transfers to this exchange began to block another large Santander. (BNB as a whole at the market level). In other words, while the negative prevails, which holds back by buyers. According to The Block, traffic on the Bitcoin-Exchange at the end of June showed a second decline in amplitude this year.

Altkoins also succumbed to general correctional sentiments. EtherEUM developers reported on the successful completion of Hardford Testing London in Three Tests, which confirms on August 4 as the date of its holding in the main network. Together with this update, the EIP-1559 is activated, which implies the combustion of transactional commissions, and as a result, with other things being equal, the decrease in inflation on the network.

But on the eve of the second on capitalization of cryptocurrency fell by 8.6% and on the segment 24 hours is still inferior in the dynamics of other assets from the top 10. Not fundamentally, but it is better to dogecoin, which is becoming more expensive by 1.8%. I «tried» Ilon Mask, who compared the Bitcoin and Etherumer with him on the effectiveness of transactions in favor of his favorite coin and supported the upcoming update in the largest meme cryptocurrency.

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