Bitcoin confirmed short-term trend turn up


Consolidation near the 100-day moving medium and line, similar to the inverted head-shoulders of the formation, ended with the upgrade of the maximum over the past ten days.

Thus, the optimists submitted an application for a continuation of the growing impulse. In the height of the figure and the inclined line of the trend

Some psychological discharge could give fresh surveys of GlassNode analysts. Sales of Cryptovalut Mainers in the second half of June stabilized. At the previous week, short-term investors sold coins by $ 3.88 billion with an average loss of 13.44% and now can bite elbows from the fact that the psychological frontier of $ 30,000 still resisted.

Although there are no serious purchases to wait yet — the JPMorgan strategist speaks of the absence of an appetite of institutional, to rise up in search of equilibrium and this is enough. Especially since the medium interest in the industry does not fuss. The Deutsche Börse Group’s Exchange bought a large package in Crypto Finance AG offering digital assets for wealthy persons, and the B2B-Broker TP ICAP will launch a platform for the bitcoin and etherium trading platform for large investors.

According to the second cryptocurid, the outflow from the funds has recently been fixed (week earlier, it became a record — $ 50 million), while in Bitcoin-funds he dried up. Now the situation may change: the analysis of the ether graphics (ETH) involves a greater in percentage ratio of rebound potential than in BTC, it can be $ 2500 conservative. Jim Kramer from Mad Money on CNBC bought. Apparently he came to similar conclusions.

Nevertheless, the estimated decline in the Bitcoin index will not be long — you need to keep in my head that it is still a correction to fall in May, and in July, the bears will have a good chance of declaring bulls.

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