Bitcoin closed the second quarter with a 40 percent decrease and good growth prospects


Bitcoin completed the second quarter with minor sentiments, liaising under more than 40% drop from historical maxima.

At the same time, he did not give a reason to doubt the favorable prospects on the horizon of the first decade of July. Quotes tested previously inclined resistance and during Friday, like the markets of other assets, it is likely to wait for a report on the labor market, which will task the further vector of motion.

Disappointing figures from ADP in the number of jobs in the private sector on Wednesday do not exclude such a discrepancy and official data on the labor market. This for a while will postpone the debate regarding the establishment of specific terms of folding the Fed of the assets redemption program. In the conditions of growth of appetite for risk, Bitcoin will receive support for the new phase of short-term growth to the upper border of the May-June consolidation above $ 38,000.

The stabilization of the Holsreit of the first cryptocurrency over the past ten days and the statements by the head of Canaan on a surge of shopping of the mining equipment, makes it possible to count on the gradual restoration of the volume of computing capacities, which was previously historically accompanied by the rise in price. The market is waiting for growth catalysts.

Wednesday held a hearing of the Committee on Financial Services of the Chamber of Representatives of the United States on the advantages and risks of the blockchain, various opinions were sounded. It is important that investors did not make serious Ords from Skepticism Congressman Breda Sherman, according to which, only 1 out of 10 millionaires on cryptors are becoming more than 1 out of 10, others can lose their pension savings. Bitcoin-optimists in response could lead to him by the words of the Binance chapter — with any corrections only «HOLD».

The new episode of «cryptosims» will inevitably end with the new «spring». And although the market for this year is still configured skeptical — according to Skew, the probability of returning to $ 50,000 is now estimated only by 20%, but everything remains unchanged on a longer distances. On Wednesday, the news agencies have appeared on interest in the digital assets of the Soros Foundation. It also became aware of the technical possibilities of their purchases of 650 banks through NCR and Nydig cooperation.

I am ready to offer such a service and the largest castean of the planet Bank of New-York Mellon, although the strategists of this organization do not believe in the first cryptocurrency. As shown by example

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