Bill Gates and Warren Buffett will invest $ 1 billion in the construction of a new generation nuclear reactor


Terrapower and Pacificorp, belonging to Bill Gates and Warren Buffettu, respectively, announced fate in the construction project of a new generation nuclear reactor.

Partners will participate in the creation of a system called Natrium, working on a non-traditional fuel for nuclear power. A complex with an improved 345 MW reactor on fast neutrons with a sodium heat carrier and a power storage based on salts, which increases the output power up to 500 MW, will cost about $ 1 billion. It will take about seven years.

A new power plant will practically not pollute the environment, will work more efficiently traditional, as well as interact with objects of alternative energy (wind farms and solar farms), leveling fluctuations in electricity supply from them.

According to approximate calculations, the power of a small reactor is enough to provide up to 400 thousand houses in Wyoming. The project will also provide hundreds of jobs for local residents, will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as well as to revive the uranium-producing industry in the region.

Recall that last year scientists have developed a new, more efficient

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