Bidders on cryptocheges decreased by 56% in June


According to The Block Research, the total bidding on cryptoci in June amounted to $ 958.3 billion, which is 56% lower than the May 2.18 trillion.

June ended with the worst results over the past six months. Prior to this, the last time the volume of bidding on the crypton was below $ 1 trillion in January.

As before the largest share of bidding falls on the Binance platforms — 69.7%. It follows Coinbase, FTX and KRAKEN exchange with 8%, 4.2% and 4.1% of the total volume, respectively.

However, despite the decline in trading activity, Glassnode analysts mark the growth of bitcoins in wallets of large investors. According to the company, on Friday, the number of coins at 1000-10,000 BTC addresses increased by 80,000 to 4.216 million, which is a record indicator over the past 2 months. The number of whales also grew to a three-week maximum — 1922.

Such a speaker points to the return of major players to the cryptocurrency market. Although they still do not rush to stimulate a new rally, waiting

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