BBVA bank giant launches bitcoan trading and storage services


The Swiss division of the BBVA banking giant from June 21 will begin to provide bitcoine trade and storage services.

The financial institution decided to launch a new service, noticing the desire of many investors to diversify their portfolios using digital assets, despite the potential risks and market volatility. According to the announcement of BBVA Switzerland, access to new services will be opened to everyone without exception to customers.

Initially, the bank will work only with Bitcoins, but in the future it plans to add support and other cryptocurrency. Customers will be able to manage their digital assets in one portfolio with traditional assets and easily convert Fiat in BTC and back.

Regarding the launch of such services in other countries, BBVA stated that everything will depend on maturity, the level of demand and regulation of these markets.

Recently, the financial giants working with cryptoactivities joined

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