Bank of Russia asked stock exchanges not to list products related to cryptocurrent


The Bank of Russia appealed to all participants in the securities market with a request not to trade with derivatives, for the value of which are directly or indirectly influence the courses cryptocurrency.

In the official information letter, the Central Bank recommended the stock exchanges to reject applications of national or foreign issuers of products depending on the courses of digital currencies, tokens associated with them indexes, rights, contracts or debt obligations. The Central Bank also asks not to place shares of companies working with cryptocurrency, its derivative instruments or cryptophonds.

Companies are recommended to exclude all similar products from mutual investment funds and not offer them to their customers.

New regulator prescriptions do not apply to the digital currencies of central banks and

The Bank of Russia believes that the prevention of mass use of tools based on cryptocurrency will help protect the interests of market participants and support confidence in the financial market of the Russian Federation.

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