Bank of America began to trade Bitcoin futures


A list of banks operating with cryptocurrency derivatives, replenished Bank of America, who began clearing futures to Bitcoine.

According to Coindesk, the American financial conglomerate proposed some customers to trade Bitcoin-futures with cash. Perhaps somewhat already even started working with derivative instruments.

According to the sources of publication, the Bank will conduct clearing contracts of the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME).

Bank of America’s intention to open clients access to cryptoderivatives is caused by an increase in interest in them from large players from Wall Street. Since the beginning of the year, several other US investment banks, including

For financial organizations, clearing futures on the stock exchange is no different from trading in any other product with cash calculations.

The Bank of America initiative started during the decline in the crypton, observed in recent months. Negative dynamics reflected in the demand of bitcoin derivatives. According to The Block, over the past three months, cumulative open interest in futures markets fell from $ 27.6 billion to $ 11.8 billion.

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