Audi stopped the development of new internal combustion engines due to the rigid EU standards


General Engineer Audi Markus Dyusmann said that the company stopped developing new gasoline and diesel engines due to the tightening of ecological norms of the European Union.

In an interview, he said that the creation of the COF, corresponding to the EURO 7 standard, is a complex technical task and will bring insignificant benefit to the environment. Therefore, following the Mercedes, the company decided to abandon the development of a new generation of engines and focuses on adapting existing models.

Dyusmann did not say that Audi will cease to produce gasoline or diesel cars, since in many regions of the world there are not such high emissions requirements, and there is no necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Most likely, the lion’s share of the budget will guide the development of hydrogen transport or electric vehicles. The company places high hopes for new electric

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