Astronomers discovered signs of stars from antimatter on the outskirts of our galaxy


Researchers have identified more than a dozen signals that may indicate the existence of stars from antimatter in the Milky Way.

Antimathery is a biariary with the opposite charge, so during contact with ordinary matter, their mutual annihilation occurs. Scientists suggest that immediately after a large explosion there were many particles of antimatter, but almost all of them disappeared, encountered with the substance that turned out to be more.

However, antimatteria is not fantastic, since it is formed in some natural processes, produced in special laboratories on Earth, and may even fill individual sections of space. Theoretically, there may be whole galaxies, star systems and living organisms from antimatter.

A recent study of the team from the European Space Agency has shown that, perhaps, the superiority of matter before antimatter is not so huge as expected. Analyzing the Fermi Space Telescope Data for 10 years, astronomers discovered 14 point sources of gamma radiation with a spectrum characteristic of annihilation.

Although it does not have to be «anti-branches», facing the wandering particles usually matter, similar signatures can also produce black holes or pulsars. However, the team does not exclude such an opportunity, according to their calculations for every 300 thousand conventional Milky Way Stars, one of the antimatter may have. If they really exist, they also emit light, but are located in the desert haloe around the galaxy.

Recall that scientists suggest the existence of colossal black holes, much

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