ArcelorMittal will build the world’s first metallurgical plant that does not pollute the environment


The largest metallurgical company ArcelorMittal announced the plans for the construction of the world’s first plant for the production of environmentally friendly steel, which will fully work on renewable energy.

Each year, metallurgical enterprises produce 1.8 billion tons of steel, throwing into the atmosphere twice as many carbon dioxide. According to researchers estimates, the industry accounts for up to 8% of all CO2 anthropogenic emissions. Therefore, ArcelorMittal, which is now producing about 5% of world steel, has concluded an agreement with the Government of Spain on the joint construction of the first metallurgical plant that does not pollute the environment.

The initial project capacity is 1.6 million tons of steel per year. To restore iron instead of coke and a domain furnace, a hydrogen installation of direct reduction with a capacity of 2.3 million tons will be used, and for the second stage, the company will build a hybrid electric arc furnace for 1.1 million tons, which will work on renewable electricity.

A significant part of the funds will come from the State Fund in the amount of € 500 million (almost $ 590 million).

In addition to Spain, Sweden also plans to build an enterprise «Green» metallurgy for $ 3 billion. Scandinavian factory

However, a total of both enterprises will be able to produce only 0.4% of the current average annual volume of steel.

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