Alternative energy — senseless and merciless?


One of the canons for the development of alternative energy is the fight against technogenic climate change or, simply, global warming.

Opponents of alternative energy do not see the point in using it, and most often appeal to the report of the Soviet physicist and the Nobel laureate in physics

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Scientists have been trumpeting about climate change since the middle

And already world politicians make statements on this matter. For example, V.V. Putin questioned the involvement of human civilization in climate change. D.D. Trump went even further and generally denies the impact of man-made activities not only on climate change, but also on overall atmospheric pollution.


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But one circumstance happened that clearly showed what contribution mankind makes to environmental pollution and how quickly our planet can be cleaned up.

There are already those who have called all this photoshop and fantasies. However, there is real evidence of this. And you don’t need to go far — in Moscow, for example, I myself have not yet seen a cleaner ecological situation. Of course, the restrictions have already been lifted and soon everything will return to the previous conditions, but this visual proof will remain in the memory forever.

What follows from this?

Modern alternative energy is senseless from an energy point of view and ruthless from an environmental point of view.

Does all this renewable energy make sense now? I think it is only from the everyday point of view. For example, in the country or in your own residential building, it is quite possible to generate electricity on your own. Moreover, according to

I think this will be a new trend in the development of microgeneration in Russia. And when using

However, in the industrial and global sectors (in order not only to avoid the energy crisis, but also to restore a normal ecological situation on Earth), a new, energy-intensive and renewable, or endless source of energy is required. Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion is ideally suited for the role of such a source. We will talk about it in the next article.


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