Airbus is developing the first superconducting power unit cooled by liquid hydrogen fuel


Airbus, one of the largest aircraft companies in the world, is working on creating a highly efficient cryogenic transmission for its future hydrogen aircraft.

In the near future, many airlines plan to abandon fossil fuels and move to alternative energy sources. Hydrogen is the most promising option, especially for international airliners. Previously, Airbus has already presented the model of the passenger aircraft

Engineers interested in the possibility of cooling the power unit to a superconducting state with liquid hydrogen stored in fuel tanks. According to their calculations, it can reduce energy losses and reduce the operating voltage by 50%, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the transmission, and will also reduce its weight twice.

The company has already begun to create a prototype of the Ascend system. A full-fledged power unit with a capacity of 500 kW, cables controllers, electronics and engine of which will be cooled with liquid hydrogen up to -253 ° C, should appear in the next 3 years.

In case of successful implementation of the new concept, aircraft on hydrogen fuel will be able to fly even further than existing airliners, without polluting the environment.

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