A new quantum computer is placed in the usual server rack.


Researchers have developed a prototype of a quantum computer with an ion trap that runs from one socket and placed in two standard server racks.

Quantum calculations have enormous potential, but they require special conditions. Therefore, most modern devices operate in laboratories with a special infrastructure and usually occupy an area of 30-50 m2. Within the framework of the European Union program, AQSTION scientists from Innsbruck University named after Leopold and Franz could significantly reduce the size of the quantum computer subject to all standards.

They created a compact computing device with an ion trap, which is placed in two conventional 19-inch server racks used in data centers. As a qubit, the system uses ions, and all operations with them are performed using laser pulses. The tests showed that the prototype of the quantum computer works stably and without interference even outside the laboratory.

The current model can simultaneously monitor only 24 ions and is inferior by computing power to commercial options IBM and Google. However, the team is already working on a 50 cubic system.

Previously, we also reported the creation of the first quantum network based on confusing qubits.

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