A new HIV vaccine stimulates the production of more powerful antibodies for virus neutralization


SCRIPPS Research and IAVI have developed an experimental vaccine against HIV, which strengthens the response of the immune system, forcing more powerful antibodies.

Scientists have known for a long time that the human body is able to fight HIV with the help of neutralizing antibodies of a wide range of action (BNAB). They are attached to spikes and neutralize them in hard-to-reach places of various strains.

The problem is that the virus mutates faster than the body begins to produce the right B cells. Therefore, researchers of two pharmaceutical companies focused on finding ways to accelerate their education.

Clinical trials of a new vaccine in humans showed that it caused a strengthened immune response in 97% of volunteers, stimulating the production of BNAB. According to scientists, successful tests gave hope for the development of an effective vaccine not only against HIV, but also other rapidly mutating viruses.

Recall that recently researchers also found that some sick HIV can suppress the virus

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