A 3D-printed greenhouse has been developed for growing plants in other worlds.


Engineers presented high-tech 3D printed biocapsules for growing food and beneficial plants outside the Earth.

Some national space agencies and private companies plan to build inhabited bases on

Interstellar Lab proposed the use of high-tech greenhouses, which are autonomous biocapsulas as solving this problem. They are made using 3D printing and can be quickly deployed due to inflatable membrane technology. The capsules themselves are equipped with adjustable aircraft systems, control of the inner atmosphere, processing of food and artificial intelligence, which controls them. Instead of soil, the moisture is used.

According to the developers, such a greenhouse is now capable of creating the usual conditions for more than 300 plants that can be used as a source of food, drugs or useful chemicals.

The built-in water purification system reduces its flow rate 50 times, and the aircraft increases the yield of several hundred times with significant energy savings. Thanks to the biocapsula, it is capable of working autonomously, and their production can be carried out in weightlessness.

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