5% of corporations plan to invest in Bitcoin until the end of the year


The study of the consulting company Gartner has shown that every twentieth business manager plans to invest part of the firm in Bitcoin in 2021.

According to the survey, the views of various managers and financial directors of corporations are very different depending on the scope of activity. The greatest tendency to investment in digital assets is manifested by representatives of technological companies. 50% of respondents from this sphere are inclined to purchase.

In general, 5% of all managers intend to invest in Bitcoin until the end of this year, and another 11% plan to do this by 2024. The remaining 84% of respondents expressed their concerns about high risks associated with volatility. At the same time, more than 70% of respondents said that while they are more interested in what other companies do with cryptocurrency and how regulators are watching.

Gartner notes that among other concerns, the managers refer to the failure to decide on investment in Bitcoin by the Board of Directors, slow introduction as a payment method, lack of understanding of the essence of technology, cyberic and the complexity of asset accounting.

The problem of slow introduction in the near future is planning to solve payment giants. For example, this year

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